How We Create Unique Insurance for the Unique You
1. Clients

Engagement with our clients ensures that they will have clear understanding of their needs and the solutions that are provided to solve them. With these three sides of the triangle we form a bond that creates a strong relationship.

2. The DeHayes Group
Your Unique Service Provider

A triangle is the strongest shape used in architecture with each side having equal strength and responsibility in providing a secure structure. At The DeHayes Group we establish relationships with our clients by the same principle. We use our knowledge and experience to guide our clients and insurance partners to the solution for our client’s needs.

3. Insurance Partners

Our insurance partners provide ongoing support to our clients, and to us, to provide an exceptional client experience. Our success can be attributed to the expertise of our agents, support from our insurance partners, and engagement with our clients.

Business Insurance
We work with our clients to develop a strategy to avoid, retain and transfer risk.
Employee Benefits
We have the knowledge to consult and advise on medical, voluntary and ancillary products to develop a strategic employee benefit package to meet our client’s needs.
Personal Insurance
You're worth more than 15 minutes. Click here to explore more and find out what makes The DeHayes Group different.
Financial Services
The DeHayes Group can help you develop a strategy to help you reach your financial goals.
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