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Throughout many different economic and industry cycles The DeHayes Group has remained independent and is committed to keep it that way. Our independence is crucial, allowing us to provide a unique solution for a unique you. We are not limited to negotiating with just one insurance company when we are working for the best coverage for our clients. No client is too big or too small for us to help. We understand the value of being independent as much as we understand that value in strength in numbers; this is why our company has become a partner in the Keystone Insurers Group.

The Keystone Insurers Group is owned by a collective group of independent insurance agencies across 11 states. Keystone provides independent agencies like us the ability to pool our resources, expertise and company premiums together to give us leverage when working with insurance carriers. This has been a crucial component in helping us maintain our independence but, allowing us to grow in size and expertise to better serve you.