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Now is the time to review your Medicare Supplement

By Melissa Schenkel on June 1st 2018

Now is the time to review your Medicare Supplement policy

June is the perfect time to review your Medicare Supplement policy before the hectic time of the open enrollment period.

What should I consider when reviewing my plan?


Plan benefits

Company stability

Current health

Generally an annual rate increase of 10-15% is considered “normal”. This takes into consideration an age change increase as well as an overall book of business increase.

Plan F is considered to be the most comprehensive coverage available.However, Plan G is also very good and could save you premium.

There are many companies that offer Medicare Supplement plans.It is important to take a quick look into their financial stability.A.M. Best is a good source as well as the company website to look for this information.Financial stability could be an indicator of timely claims paying and the ability for the company to be around when you need coverage the most.

In most cases, after your initial enrollment period, there are health questions to answer if you would like to switch Medicare Supplement plans or companies.When your health is good, the questions are easy to answer and it may be beneficial to switch.

The DeHayes Group has many insurance companies available that offer Medicare Supplement plans.Please contact us if you would like more information about lowering your premium, increasing or decreasing plan benefits, financial strength, and health assessments.