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Risk Management and Claim Service

The DeHayes Group provides a full array of practice management tools to manage claim risk and human resource capacity.

Employers who made the decision to self-fund their health insurance have taken risks that need to be managed. Understanding past claims history and current claim trends goes a long way in controlling your actual claims paid. Through our process, clients have access to up-to-date claim information to take control of their employee benefit program. By reviewing past claims information, our benefit specialists can guide you in making decision about benefit design and wellness incentives. Minor tweaks to your current benefit offering can make your employee benefit program more cost effective and efficient.

The DeHayes Group has a dedicated claim response expert to help your employees understand their benefits and how a specific claim will be covered. Our claim specialist can act on behalf of your employees to certify that they are getting the correct coverage for any claim. This gives your employees the peace of mind that someone is there to help when claim occurs.