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By Gabrielle Miller on May 14th 2018

Save Your Company Money

Wellness programs can reduce health care costs, workers compensation expenses, disability management claims and absenteeism by 25% each.

Lower Health Care Spending

Employees with high overall wellbeing have 41% lower health related costs compared to employees who are struggling. Our programs help individuals prevent and improve chronic health conditions that contribute to your healthcare spending. In fact, 70% of all healthcare costs are attributed to preventable lifestyle behaviors. That means fewer costs associated with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even certain cancers.

Reduce Workers Compensation Claims

Healthy and happy employees have been shown to have fewer accidents and are able to return to work sooner. Stress contributes to 60-80% of all work-related injuries. Obesity is linked to higher rates of injury and a fivefold increase in the duration of worker's compensation claims.

Build Your Bottom Line

Poor health effects more than just your medical claims. Put a halt to indirect costs that make up an estimated 70% of poor health costs for your company.

Boost Productivity

When you're well, you have more energy to move, think, and work at your best. Companies with worksite wellness programs see an 8% increase in employee productivity

Reduce tobacco use in the workplace and save $5816 per smoker in direct medical costs and lost productivity each year.

Enhance Recruitment

Want to attract the best and the brightest? Make sure your company offers a competitive benefits package complete with a comprehensive wellness program.

In 2013, nearly nine out of 10 employees said they consider wellness benefits when considering an employer.

Improve Retention

Save on recruiting and training expenses with healthy and happy employees in a positive work environment. 27% of employees today say their company's wellness program contributes to their sense of job satisfaction.

Reducing turnover by just one $40,000 salaried employee a year, can save your company $20,000-$30,000 in recruiting and training expenses.

Make A Smart Investment

When done right, employer-sponsored wellness programs can help your company and your employees be the best they can be. For the greatest return on your investment, let us design a strategic wellness solution that is effective, compliant, and affordable. Your dedicated account executive will ensure your program is built on best practices that promote employee engagement and make for a happy, healthy and prosperous workplace.

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