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Wellness and Clinics

Our Group Benefit Team has the resources to help you implement a cost effective and proven wellness program to encourage a healthier workforce.

Employee benefit wellness programs are an excellent way to help you control your claim costs and even prevent future major claims. By implementing a wellness program, your employees are able to take advantage of:

  • Smoking cessation programs 
  • Weight loss programs
  • Annual physicals 
  • Health risk assessments to target areas of risk for themselves and make lifestyle changes to mitigate them

Having a wellness program for your employees can set you apart as an employer and provide you with valuable information in designing your employee benefit program.

The DeHayes Group is constantly developing clinics for the clients we work with, whether they be single employer clinics or multiple employer clinics. Clinics have been gaining popularity because spending time with an employee's primary care physician has begun to decline and scheduling has become more difficult. 

A clinic gives employers the ability to set operating hours that do not interfere with their workforce hours. They also offer the ability to control claim costs and can increase your employees utilization of wellness programs and annual screenings.