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Wellness Program

The Next Generation of Wellness Solutions is HERE


Wellness Assessments • Participant Education • Goal Setting • Activity Tracking • Reporting


NxtGen’s Proven Process

We believe wellness requires balance and that small steps can add up to big improvements in overall health and quality of life.

Employees engage in personalized wellness assessments, learning, and goal setting with the opportunity to participate in wellness activities and challenges to improve their health. Our online wellness portal and mobile app make it easy for employees to be well anytime, anywhere with daily tracking, tips, videos, articles and more while giving employers 24/7 access to program reports.

✔ HIPAA, GINA, ERISA, & ADA Compliant

Transform Your Workforce.

Strengthen Your Bottom Line.

With rising healthcare and health insurance costs, the most effective way to lower employer and employee costs is to help your workforce live a healthier life.

Make a Smart Investment

When done right, employer-sponsored wellness programs can help your company and your employees be the best they can be. For the greatest return on your investment, let us design a strategic wellness solution that is effective, compliant, and affordable. Your dedicated account executive will ensure your program is built on best practice that promote employee engagement and make for a happy, healthy, and prosperous workplace. 

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Gabrielle Miller

Wellness Coordinator