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Produce of the Month: Mushrooms

Earthy, rich, and delicious raw or cooked, the simple mushroom is anything but simple! The name mushroom covers a wide variety of types, in various sizes, colors,
and shapes! Most of us think of the common button mushroom, but more recently, portobello, shiitake, chanterelle, oyster, and morel mushrooms have found their way into recipes and the local grocery store! Mushrooms are low in calories and can often be used as a meat substitute in many meals.

The Basics:

Because mushrooms are grown on top and within organic compost, it is recommended to buy organic mushrooms. Look for firm mushrooms with an earthy color. Store mushrooms in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. To maintain their freshness, it is recommended to store them in a single layer, covered with a damp paper towel. When ready to use, wipe or rinse off the dirt (be careful since mushrooms absorb a lot of water) and prepare according to your favorite recipe.

Try This:

Mushrooms differ in regard to how mild or pungent they are as well as the size and density. Consider trying a few different mushrooms, gently roasting, or sauteing them with a little salt and pepper. Once you know which mushrooms you like, look for recipes for that specific mushroom.

The Facts:

Mushrooms are very low in calories and are an excellent source of vitamins B2, B6, folate, potassium, and fiber.