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The DeHayes Group Medical Captive

A DeHayes Group exclusive health insurance option for your business.

The DeHayes Group is on the cutting edge of the health insurance marketplace by designing its very own exclusive Group Medical Captive. This revolutionary program helps you, the employer, avoid many of the taxes imposed by the Affordable Care Act while maintaining control over the health insurance benefits you offer to your employees. A Medical Captive is a self-funded insurance arrangement where you are able to pool your health risks with a number of like-minded employers. By pooling your health risks together you have a smoother rate renewal process, a greater ability to control claims and the possibility of receiving annual underwriting profit reimbursement. 

Click the link below to view our brochure about The DeHayes Group Medical Captive.

Medical Captive Brochure - Click Here

Benefits of The DeHayes Group Medical Captive:

  • Avoid the pitfalls of Healthcare Reform
  • Maintain your current third party administrator (TPA)
  • Maintain you current benefit plan design
  • Possibility for underwriting profits
  • Meet with other link-minded employers to design wellness programs
  • Smoother renewal process

The DeHayes Group Medical Captive Brochure

Please click the image above to download the Medical Captive brochure.