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Created from the latest behavioral science and best industry practices, our tailored programs feature the tools you need to educate, engage and empower your employees to improve their health.

Participation is key to a successful wellness program. Let us help to create a complete and compliant program to help your employees be their best selves.

Our mobile-friendly wellness portal makes it easy for participants to be well anytime, anywhere with daily tracking, tips, videos, articles and more while giving program administrators 24/7 access to program reports.

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NxtGen Wellness is the portal that does it all. Our comprehensive, interactive and secure online wellness software offers resources for employers, wellness clinics, hospital systems, fitness centers and more.

The DeHayes Group Wellness

At DeHayes Group we implemented our workplace wellness initiative in 2017. Using our complete and compliant wellness program, NxtGen Wellness, we had all the means to incorporate wellness in many aspects of our workforce to make health a core interest in our office. We have many employees using stand up desks, employees taking walking breaks, and healthier treats brought into the office for luncheons and staff meetings. Internally we truly have a culture of wellness with a focus on healthy living in and out of the office, because wellness shouldn’t stop when you leave work. NxtGen Wellness has helped create lifestyle behaviors and changes that employees can adopt and sustain. Our wellness committee is dedicated to being the voice of our employees to bring different activities to make a positive impact on our population. We have great engagement in our program and will continue to strive for a happier and healthier life.

In 2018 we were awarded the 3 Star AchieveWell designation through the Wellness Council of Indiana. The 3 Star Designation indicates that a company has a foundation for a comprehensive workplace well-being program. We also received Platinum level and a Rising Star award through the YMCA Workplace Wellness Awards in 2018. These awards recognize us for our comprehensive approach including a wide variety of on-site programs along with policies which support the continuation of healthy lifestyles for employees. In 2019, we were awarded the 4 Star AchieveWell designation. The 4 Star designation indicates that a company’s wellness initiative positively affects workplace health policies and environmental well-being. We received the Platinum Level for the second year in a row and received the Greatest Impact Award for our efforts internally as well as in the community. Our goal is to achieve the 5 Star by 2021 and continue to perpetuate our involvement in our local community.

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