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What Are You Doing for Wellness?

The DeHayes Group has partnered with NxtGen Wellness to support in your workplace’s wellness initiatives.

What sets NxtGen apart?

A Comprehensive and online wellness portal.

  • Custom incentive programs, tracking, and reporting with mobile friendly technology
  • Connectivity to over 20 popular fitness tracking devices and wellness applications.
  • Population Health Analytics

Compliance services (Wellness Plan Document included) and Extensive employee communication provided to drive engagement.

Onsite Biometric Screenings. (LabCorp Vouchers available for offsite use or Physician Form.)

Dedicated wellness coordinator to help facilitate current and new program details.

Hands-on program management is available.

Onsite and/or Virtual Wellness Classes.

Health Coaching.

Preventative Programs Available (example ‘Stop Diabetes’).

“By creating a workplace culture of wellness, companies are investing in their employee’s well-being and recognizing that healthy and happy employees are a huge asset. By taking a multidimensional approach to wellness, employees feel valued and supported while working on their personal health goals.”

– Ali Pierce

Ali Pierce is our NxtGen Wellness Coordinator working with businesses to better their employees’ lives both in and out of the workplace. To learn more, contact Ali Pierce at 260-399-4186 or alison@dehayes.com.

The DeHayes Group Wellness

At the DeHayes Group, we implemented our workplace wellness initiative in 2017. Using our complete and compliant wellness program, we had all the means to incorporate wellness in many aspects of our workforce to make health a core interest in the office. As the first year passed, there was a noticeable shift in culture as many employees starting adopting these healthier lifestyles, such as packing their lunch, taking walking breaks, and many not indulging in the treats that were often brought into the office by different guests. Our wellness committee is dedicated to being the voice of our employees by bringing different activities to make a positive impact on our population. The evolution and improvement of our programs has helped create lifestyle behaviors and changes that employees can adopt and sustain in and out of the office. We have great engagement in our wellness initiatives and will continue to strive for a happier and healthier life.

In 2018 we were awarded the 3 Star AchieveWell designation through the Wellness Council of Indiana. The 3 Star Designation indicates that a company has a foundation for a comprehensive workplace well-being program. We also received Platinum level and a Rising Star award through the YMCA Workplace Wellness Awards in 2018. These awards recognize us for our comprehensive approach including a wide variety of on-site programs along with policies which support the continuation of healthy lifestyles for employees. In 2019, we were awarded the 4 Star AchieveWell designation. The 4 Star designation indicates that a company’s wellness initiative positively affects workplace health policies and environmental well-being. We received the Platinum Level for the second year in a row and received the Greatest Impact Award for our efforts internally as well as in the community. In 2022, we reached our goal of obtaining our 5 Star AcheiveWell designation for all our internal wellness efforts. The 5 Star designation shows that our organization has cultivated a culture of well-being. We will continue to strive for a healthier workforce, as our journey doesn’t stop here.

Wellness Programs - AchieveWell Recognition Awards for 2018, 2019, and 2022
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