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What Is Retail Insurance?

Owning a small business comes with a lot of uncertainties especially when it comes to unforeseen incidents during day to day operations. Having the right protection can help ease some of this stress. Retail insurance protects small business owners from unexpected expenses or financial losses due to property damage, business crimes, or injuries.

Keep reading to learn more about how Retail Insurance can help protect you from financial losses, or contact one of our knowledgeable agents to discuss your options.


What are the different policy options?

Your final rate depends on the unique qualities of your business including your building, location, personal property, employees and other rating factors. Here are some coverage options that might apply to your retail business:

  • Commercial Property: This kind of policy protects your physical store and its contents.  It could be used to cover losses due to weather events, theft, or damage to the building due to accidents such as car collisions or fires.
  • General Liability: Covers retailers against accidents involving customers. For example, this could protect you against potential slips and falls while visitors are in your store.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Coverage if your employees become ill or injured while on the job.
  • Business Income: Used to reimburse income after suffering a loss that causes your business to temporarily shut down.


Who needs it?

Retail businesses face unique risks everyday just by operating on a normal basis and interacting with customers. If you have a shop that deals with the exchange of goods or services like these examples, you may need retail insurance to protect yourself from potential losses.

  • Jewelry stores
  • Florists
  • Pet stores / Pet shops
  • Clothing & apparel stores
  • Grocery & liquor stores
  • Electronics stores
  • Repair shops
  • Dry cleaning
  • E-commerce


To find out more about how the various forms of retailer insurance can protect you and your business, contact us today.