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Benefits of Team Sports

If your idea of exercise is a solo run or working out alone at home, you may be missing out on the
benefit of playing a sport! Playing a sport is not just for the young. Adults of all ages and abilities can
play a sport and reap the physical and emotional benefits.

Playing a sport is good for you physically. Your heart and lungs benefit from the activity, and you can
build strength and stamina. An additional benefit of playing a sport is the social aspect. Participating in a league or on a team brings people together who have a shared interest and a shared goal!

So what sports are available to adults? That depends on your local area, but many towns, recreational centers, and park districts sponsor softball teams, volleyball leagues, golf leagues, and bowling teams. It may also be possible to find open gym time for those who wish to play basketball at a local gym. You may also consider joining a tennis, racquetball/ handball, or pickleball league. If you have never played a racquet sport but are interested, consider signing up for lessons!

Doing an activity you love, or have always wanted to try, is an excellent way to treat yourself to something you love, and you will stay more motivated when your activity is not just another item to check off of your to-do list.

When you enjoy your workout, you will be more likely to stick with your fitness plan. Doing what you think is “supposed to be good for you” when you don’t enjoy it is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Playing a sport may be the added motivation that you need to improve your health! It is fun, social, and gets you moving! Check out what’s available in your area and see if playing a sport is for you!