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Water Workouts

By July 2, 2020February 15th, 2021No Comments

Make a splash this summer with a fun and effective water workout.

  • Exercising in water is an easy, low impact option. Water provides a natural cushion that reduces the impact of gravity. This is especially helpful for anyone with joint issues, for seniors, or for anyone completing physical rehabilitation from an injury or surgery.
  • Swimming and water aerobics work the muscles in both your lower and upper body to provide a full-body workout unlike running, biking, or walking, which focus most of your efforts on the lower body.
  • Water provides resistance. Resistance builds muscle strength and makes your workout more rigorous.
  • Working out in the water helps keep cool as you get active.
  • Working out in water can lower your blood pressure.

One study found that after 10 weeks of consistent water aerobic exercise participants who were diagnosed with mild or moderate high blood pressure experienced a 14% decrease in risk of death due to a stroke, 9% decrease in risk of death due to heart disease, and a 7% decrease of death overall.  In just 10 weeks, the average participants’ blood pressure dropped from 154/96 mmHG to 143/91 mmHG.

Check out your local pool for water exercise classes.  You may also find that some pools offer times just for swimming laps or for walking in the water, usually before the pool opens to the general public. As always, check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program and take care of your skin. Apply sunscreen if the pool is outdoors and, following your workout, be sure to shower to remove sunscreen and chlorine and moisturize generously.


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